House Concerts – Bringing the Music Home

I’ve been hosting a house concert series in our home, and it’s one of the best things I’ve done. Super fun and I have a reason to basically have a party every month.

Great music, great friends, food drink. Amazing creative energy. And it gives me a platform to share my own new music.

But with all the positives I still get a bit nervous. What if no one comes? What if I have problems with the sound? What if it’s too warm, too cold, too loud? But what I’ve learned after doing a few of these, is that nobody cares about any of those things.

Small crowd = super intimate music sharing. Big crowd = raucous and big fun music sharing. Too warm = make sure you have lots of ice and crank the AC. Too cold = a cozy evening is in the cards. See, there’s something positive about all of those things! If we waited until circumstances were perfect, we’d be waiting a real long time. We can adjust!

I like to use the house concerts to showcase some of my own material too, and usually play a couple of songs to get things rolling. My format for the evening goes like this. Folks arrive and enjoy a half hour of drinks, food and hanging out. I start in with a couple of songs, followed by another local player who does a few too.

The headliner follows with a 45 – 60 minute set of awesomeness. Then we all chat and hang some more. They can sell CDs or merch. We invite folks to donate to support our musicians.

There’s something special about having wonderful and creative musicians share their craft in your home. And there’s no commute!

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