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11987098_10207277405563607_971252798065811100_nLaura B Whitmore is a lifelong songwriter and music industry veteran. Whether she’s operating her music marketing and PR business, blogging for Guitar World, organizing a mass group-guitar-jam attended by hundreds at Union Square, or working with the WiMN, an organization she founded which advocates for women in the music industry – there’s always been one constant in Whitmore’s life; songwriting.

Growing up in Massachusetts, Whitmore wrote her first song with her sister at age 7. “It was the theme of our fake weather show. We called it ‘Lollipops Hang From the Trees,’” Whitmore remembers. At age 13, after being exposed to Carly Simon and Carole King, Whitmore was inspired to pick up the guitar. “I was always making up songs and singing,” she laughs.

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She’s on the right with her sister Rachel and brother Michael.

Taking on a career in the music business, Whitmore has worked in almost every facet of the industry. Now living in the Boston Area with her husband and two children, Whitmore frequents local open mics and hosts house concerts on a regular basis.

In 2013 she launched her single “Have A Little Faith,” produced by Collective Soul guitarist Joel Kosche and mixed by veteran engineer Shawn Grove. Whitmore shares her inspiration. “It was one of those songs that just wrote itself,” she shares. “I think it sums up my philosophy on life. Even when things are terrible, you have to believe that it’s going to be okay. Otherwise, what’s the point?!” The acoustic guitar track is from the original demo and was performed by Whitmore’s live performance partner, Charles Besocke.

Since then she’s continued to write and co-write a wide variety of songs, performing them at events like NAMM, the ASCAP expo and others. She is currently finishing a project with Los Angeles singer/songwriter Jenna Paone aimed for release in 2017/2018. The duo continue to write together under the Smart Girl Productions moniker.

Laura PerformingWhitmore plays frequently in the Boston metro area, and occasionally hosts open mics at the Dedham Square Coffee House. She hosts a house concert series in her home that she calls Acoustic Kitchen.

When she wears her business hat, Whitmore is the owner of Mad Sun Marketing, a boutique marketing and PR agency that focuses on the music and audio. She is the producer of the She Rocks Awards and the WiMN She Rocks Showcase series, and the founder of the Women’s International Music Network. She often hosts panels, workshops and events focusing on advocacy for women in music, marketing, PR, social media and so much more.

Whitmore’s gear list includes a Breedlove Concerto Myrtle/Myrtle acoustic,  Taylor 314ce acoustic, Cordoba ukulele, Fender ’72 Pawnshop electric, and 65amps London Pro amplifier. Her go to mic for recording is an Audio Technica AT4050, but she also digs the Sterling Audio ST69 Tube Microphone. She regularly records with ProTools out of her home, so you might here a dog collar jingle or the pitter patter of large teenager feet in the background if you listen closely!


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