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Blogs I like:

  • One of my favorite blogs of all time. J Michael Dolan’s Blogs & Stories for Aritsts & Entrepreneurs –
  • Pauline France’s blog about guitars and other good stuff –
  • My cousin Peggy’s amazing blog about taxes. Awesome –

Other cool stuff:

Books you want to check out:

Musicians I love:

  • Paul Riario, gear editor at Guitar World, is the guitarist in Radio Nashville. Country rocks! –
  • Joel Kosche is not only the guitarist in Collective Soul, he does some awesome solo music as well. And he produced “Have a Little Faith.” That’s him kicking ass on guitar –

  • I love Malina Moye. No really. Like a sister. And she’s one sassy guitarist! –
  • My good friend Jim Boitnott produced and played guitar on some gorgeous songs by Blakely Leonard –
  • Dorit doesn’t know how good she is. So please tell her –
  • Sonia Montez is just incredible. Wowza –
  • Aaron Tap plays guitar with Matt Nathanson, produces and is just an all around great guy –
  • Laura Zucker is my co-host for the West Coast Songwriters Contra Costa County chapter. And one heck of a songwriter –
  • Ali Handal is the author of Guitar For Girls and a really great guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. She played at the 2013 She Rocks Awards –
  • Gretchen Menn plays guitar like butter. Sweet or shredding and such talent! –

More to come!

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